Kevely Dumay, Executive Assistant, Business Roundtable, Executive Assistant, Business Roundtable

Kevely Dumay

Executive Assistant

Business Roundtable

Kevely Dumay is the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Membership & Marketing. Prior to joining Business Roundtable, he served as a non-partisan staff at the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (LRC) where he provided professional services to support the work of the Kentucky Legislature. Following his time with the LRC, he worked as a government relations associate at AppHarvest, an applied technology company building some of the world’s largest indoor farms in Appalachia.

Kevely attended Eastern Kentucky University where he studied International Business and Political Science. He also received a Master of Art degree in International Commerce and Diplomacy at the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy. Kevely is a native Haitian and currently resides in the district.