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Industry Coming a-Round….We All Need to Take Action on Climate Change

Oct 15, 2007

Climate change is not just on the minds of the Nobel Prize committee in Oslo.

Congratulations, Mr. Vice President on your award. We at the Business Roundtable, too, believe this is a global issue that has to be tackled through smart, concrete action. And we understand the heavy-lifting involved. Just try, as we did - successfully - getting 160 CEOs of varying industries to agree on a climate change statement.

In recent years, the business community has made great strides in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Business Roundtable’s membership consists of a broad cross-section of business leaders-- both producers and consumers of energy--and is in a unique position to invest, research and develop technologies to help combat the release of GHG emissions at every level of production. America leads the world in science and technology and we are going to need to continue and even strengthen that commitment if we are to meet mounting challenges such as global warming.

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