The Energy & Environment committee believes that the business community has a special obligation to step forward and help build an environmentally and economically sustainable future. We can help ensure access to the reliable, affordable energy that our national and economic security is built on. We understand that a clean, healthy environment is essential for our prosperity now and in the future. Business Roundtable supports policies that leverage America’s strengths in technology and energy diversity to maximize our options and preserve environmental safety.


Mark Sutton, International Paper



For over a decade, Business Roundtable CEOs have been a leading voice in the business community on sustainability. However, policymakers and the public are often still unaware that large U.S. companies have implemented environmentally sustainable practices across their businesses, directly contributing to positive environmental and economic outcomes.

Traditional Energy Production

Oil, coal and natural gas supply more than 80 percent of U.S. energy needs and are vital to U.S. prosperity and economic competitiveness. Improvements to production and power generation methods are helping to reduce the environmental footprint of these energy resources. U.S. policy should expand access, remove barriers to increased production and encourage a smarter approach to energy and environmental regulation.

Climate Change

Because the consequences of global warming for society and ecosystems are potentially serious and far-reaching, Business Roundtable believes that steps to address the risks of such warming are prudent and supports collective actions that will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global basis.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of a successful energy policy. It can boost economic growth by decreasing energy costs while increasing productivity.

Renewable Energy

Harnessing America’s abundant renewable energy resources in a cost-effective manner diversifies U.S. energy supplies, enhances U.S. energy security and advances environmental stewardship.

Smart Energy & Environmental Regulation

Energy and environmental regulations, which are necessary to protect human health and the environment, should be based on sound science, undergo thorough net cost-benefit analysis, and take into consideration the net cumulative impact these regulations have on energy costs, economic growth and job creation