Smart Regulation Committee

In recent years, the federal approach to regulation has fallen out of balance – stifling U.S. innovation and competitiveness with ever-increasing regulatory burdens and compliance costs. A dynamic and prosperous U.S. economy demands a smart, streamlined approach to regulation that protects American workers and our environment while also promoting innovation, economic growth and job creation. 

Business Roundtable CEOs support policies that will

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal regulatory system
  • Protect health, safety and environmental quality
  • Increase transparency and public engagement in the federal regulatory process
  • Improve the quality of information and cost-benefit analyses used in federal rulemaking
  • Expedite federal permitting and approval.

These reforms are essential to ensure the United States remains a global leader in innovation so America’s businesses and workers can continue to compete and win in the 21st century.

Committee Leadership

Related Policy Perspectives

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