Corey Astill, Vice President, Health & Retirement, Smart Regulation, Vice President, Health & Retirement, Smart Regulation

Corey Astill

Vice President, Health & Retirement, Smart Regulation

Corey Astill leads Business Roundtable’s Health & Retirement Committee, advocating for affordable and innovative health care, including America’s employer-sponsored health benefits system, along with policies that promote long-term retirement security. He also leads Business Roundtable’s Smart Regulation Committee, advancing a smart, streamlined approach to regulation that protects American workers and the environment while also promoting innovation and job creation. 

With over 15 years of experience in Congress, government relations, and law, Mr. Astill combines strategic thinking and subject-matter expertise with a deep understanding of the legislative process. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an ability to develop legislative strategies and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve complex policy goals. 

Before joining Business Roundtable, Mr. Astill served for a decade as a senior advisor in the U.S. Senate. Most recently, he served as Legislative Director for Senator Deb Fischer, managing the Senator’s legislative staff and coordinating her leadership activities in her capacity as a Deputy Whip. Earlier in his career, Mr. Astill served as Staff Director of a subcommittee on the Senate Finance Committee, Staff Director and Chief Counsel of the Joint Economic Committee, and Counsel for former Senators Dan Coats and Bob Bennett. He began his career as a legislative aide to former Senator Jon Kyl. 

Mr. Astill was born and raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. He received his law degree with honors from Georgetown University Law Center and a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. On evenings and weekends, you can usually find him reading a book, coaching youth sports, or hanging out with his wife and four children.  

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