Advancing Renewable Energy

September 21, 2018

The U.S. has become a global leader in renewable electricity production. Demand for renewable energy continues to grow – led, in no small part, by corporate investment and development. Business Roundtable CEOs are harnessing America’s renewable energy resources to diversify U.S. energy supplies, enhance U.S. energy security and advance environmental sustainability.

U.S. corporations have been rapidly expanding their renewable procurement and many utilities have announced plans to meet long-term emission reduction goals by diversifying power generation portfolios to include cleaner, low-carbon and renewable fuels. Corporate demand for sourcing renewable power reflects economic and sustainability drivers such as cost certainty, lower renewable pricing, potential tax and environmental benefits, and fulfillment of corporate sustainability targets. 

Moreover, corporate innovation in resource recovery, distributed generation, as well as the development of next-generation renewable biofuels are enabling the development of new technologies that could increase energy supplies, reduce emissions and improve efficiencies.