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As members of the Business Roundtable and CEOs of many of the largest employers in the country, we know firsthand the importance of a strong, skilled workforce to America’s economic future. Business Roundtable members take our responsibility as CEOs seriously to help ensure that American workers can succeed in the jobs of today and tomorrow.

A new Business Roundtable report provides powerful profiles of what the private sector is doing to help workers, students, companies and communities thrive. From mentoring programs and modern-day apprenticeships to partnerships with higher education, we are innovating and investing to close the skills gap.

We applaud the President’s commitment to industry-driven apprenticeships as a powerful tool to build the skilled workforce prepared for the jobs of the 21st Century.  Business Roundtable accepts the President’s challenge to improve and expand apprenticeship opportunities in the United States.

We know that by working together—across party lines and in every community—we can build a workforce that is capable, innovative and flexible, where all Americans have the opportunity to prosper.

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