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Business Leaders Welcome Conclusion of Expanded WTO Information Technology Agreement

Washington – Business Roundtable today welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations between the United States and over 50 countries expanding the original 1996 World Trade Organization (WTO) Information Technology Agreement (ITA) to reflect the modern economy.

“We applaud U.S. trade negotiators for their dedicated efforts to work with over 50 countries to complete negotiations on the expanded Information Technology Agreement,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cummins Inc. and Chair of the Business Roundtable International Engagement Committee. “This important agreement will eliminate hundreds of tariffs on information technology products, increase the competitiveness of U.S. technology exports and reduce barriers to global trade.”

“Today’s announcement reinforces the WTO’s credibility as a key forum to negotiate significant trade agreements that promote economic growth and jobs here at home and around the world,” Linebarger concluded.

Earlier this year, Business Roundtable released an economic growth agenda, which includes trade expansion through the negotiation of market-opening trade and investment agreements.

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