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Business Roundtable Commends Public Release of TPP Text

Washington – Business Roundtable today released the following statement on the public release of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement text:

“We applaud the Administration and U.S. negotiators for their efforts to make the full text of the TPP agreement available publicly,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cummins Inc. and Chair of the Business Roundtable International Engagement Committee. “We look forward to reviewing the TPP agreement’s details and better understanding the benefits it would provide American companies, farmers and workers.”

“U.S. trade with the TPP countries already supports more than 15 million American jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. exports,” Linebarger continued. “By 2030, 3.2 billion middle-class consumers will reside in the Asia-Pacific region and the TPP would increase access to these markets and provide incredible potential for even more economic growth and job creation in the United States, while also improving environmental and labor standards in the TPP countries.”

The TPP agreement holds the potential to expand trade and investment opportunities for countries on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. U.S. trade expansion, including through trade agreements like the TPP, is a key pillar of the Business Roundtable pro-growth policy agenda, Achieving America’s Full Potential: More Work, Greater Investment, Unlimited Opportunity. Click here for the Business Roundtable national and state-by-state fact sheets on the benefits of trade with the TPP countries.

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