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Business Roundtable Statement on Final Wellness Rule

Washington – Gary Loveman, Chairman, President and CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Chair of Business Roundtable’s Health and Retirement Committee, today made the following statement on the final wellness rule issued Wednesday by the Departments of Labor, Health and Treasury.

“Leading American employers, including Business Roundtable members, are concerned about improving the health of their employees, and many have instituted incentive-driven health care plans to help their employees live healthier lives.

“While the final rule on wellness programs under the Affordable Care Act recognizes the value of employer-based programs, it moves in the wrong direction by limiting employers’ ability to enhance their wellness benefits by providing incentives to employees. Specifically, new requirements imposed on outcome-based wellness programs may restrict the kinds of wellness programs that employers are able to effectively offer their employees.

“It’s unclear whether these provisions are consistent with the law and whether they will allow incentive-based plans to operate efficiently and effectively. Employers find that disappointing because we know these programs help improve people’s health while lowering costs. In the case of Caesars Entertainment, wellness program participants, on average, lowered their blood pressure by seven points, reduced total cholesterol by 11 points and improved their cholesterol ratio by nine points over a three-year period. These are exceptional results that make a real difference in people’s lives.

“The Administration needs to carefully evaluate the impact of this rule and consider amending it to address these concerns.”