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Letter Supporting Accelerating Individuals into the Workforce Act

Dear Representative Curbelo and Representative Davis:
Business Roundtable appreciates your bipartisan efforts to bring more people into the workforce who currently have few skills and lack job experience. Your bill, H.R. 2842, the Accelerating Individuals into the Workforce Act, is a thoughtful approach for encouraging companies to hire recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). We are pleased to support it. 
Business Roundtable CEOs believe earn-and-learn programs help people become familiar with the workplace, gain needed skills, and earn a wage. In many inner cities, the unemployment rate for young people is distressingly high, but their prospects improve dramatically if they find a first-time job. 
By supporting partnerships among business, government, and education to hire TANF recipients, the Accelerating Individuals into the Workforce Act will give the unemployed an opportunity to work and succeed.
Wes Bush
Chair, Education and Workforce Committee
Business Roundtable
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
Northrop Grumman Corporation