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Business Roundtable's Roadmap for Growth

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American businesses create jobs, innovate, manufacture and provide the services that drive our economy. In short, they are the foundation for economic growth. Yet, a host of new laws and regulatory actions are restricting their ability to help our economy recover. This is why Business Roundtable created the Roadmap for Growth, our pro-jobs economic strategy. The Roadmap offers data-driven recommendations in five key areas:

  • Fiscal Policy and Competitive Taxation: Redesign the corporate tax system to promote investment and strengthen U.S. competitiveness in the international economy, and undertake significant reforms to reduce government spending before the American economy is swallowed by debt.
  • Market Access: Pass all pending free trade agreements and aggressively pursue more to increase America’s exports.
  • Education: Invest in programs that focus on performance and encourage innovation – such as Race to the Top – and place a stronger emphasis on math and science education to promote a competitive and well-educated 21st century American workforce.
  • Government Regulation: Re-evaluate wide-ranging financial, environmental and health care regulations passed under the previous Congress to ensure they promote the greatest possible measure of competition, choice and growth.
  • Energy and the Environment: Invest in a comprehensive suite of new energy technologies and expand access to traditional sources to simultaneously advance America’s environmental, economic and energy security interests.

Our nation has a historic opportunity to put in place the right policies to create jobs and foster a sustainable recovery. Enacting the policies in our comprehensive Roadmap for Growth will require both bipartisan cooperation and leadership from policymakers in Washington. As business leaders, we will work together with lawmakers as partners in passing these pro-growth policies.

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