BRT Innovation Summit: Consumer Privacy in a Digital World

CEOs of Accenture, JPMorgan Chase and AT&T Highlight Key Policies Included in Business Roundtable Framework for Federal Consumer Privacy Legislation

December 6, 2018

Washington – As part of today’s Business Roundtable CEO Innovation Summit, top U.S. business leaders participated in a panel discussion on “Consumer Privacy in a Digital World.” The conversation featured Accenture’s North America CEO Julie Sweet, JPMorgan Chase CEO and Business Roundtable Chairman Jamie Dimon and AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson. Tony Romm, Technology Policy Reporter for The Washington Post, moderated the discussion. 

Click the image above to watch the full “Consumer Privacy” panel featuring Julie Sweet, Jamie Dimon, Randall Stephenson and The Washington Post’s Tony Romm (moderator).


Julie Sweet, CEO – North America for Accenture, on building consumer trust through federal privacy legislation:

"It's very clear from the growth of the digital economy and digital services - people want to have these services. They want to be able to trust. And what we can do as businesses and what Congress can do is allow people to restore that trust."

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan & Chase and Chairman of Business Roundtable, on giving customers greater control over their data:

"We want you to decide what you do with the data that you have on our account... I can give [the customer] an opt in and an opt out on the screen - 'do you want them to know what hotels you stay at,' click yes or no, and you can go in and change it for later. I think that'd be perfectly fair. Give the customer the control at one point to decide those things."

Randall Stephenson, Chairman President and CEO of AT&T, on the need for federal consumer privacy legislation:

"If you don't get the privacy policies right and the laws around privacy right, people are going to be reluctant to use the device, they're going to be reluctant to engage in online commerce. And these are things that I think all of us up here say from a business standpoint is a bad answer, we also just think from a customer experience [standpoint] it's a bad answer. I think getting privacy legislation done addresses a lot of these because until we get it right, it's going to be an inhibiting factor for user engagement."

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