BRT Innovation Summit: How Innovation Enables CEOs to Embrace Sustainability

CEOs of International Paper, United Airlines and Deloitte Detail How Leading Companies are Harnessing Innovation to Improve Environmental and Economic Sustainability

December 6th, 2018

Washington – As part of today’s Business Roundtable CEO Innovation Summit, top business leaders participated in a panel discussion on “How Innovation Enables CEOs to Embrace Sustainability.” The conversation featured International Paper Company Chairman and CEO Mark Sutton, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and Deloitte US CEO Cathy Engelbert. Jim Connaughton, President and CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies and former Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chairman, moderated the discussion.

Click the image above to watch the full “Sustainability” panel featuring Mark Sutton, Oscar Munoz, Cathy Engelbert and Jim Connaughton (moderator).


Mark Sutton, Chairman and CEO of International Paper Company and Chair of the Business Roundtable Energy and Environment Committee, on the importance of building a talented, sustainable workforce:

“When we talk about sustainability, we talk about not just the environmental component, but that we want to be around. We are 120 years old today. We'd like to be 240 years old tomorrow. You have got to find ways to change what the customer needs, the communities that you are doing business in, and, for us, you have to attract talent. Talent doesn't want to work for companies that don't really understand their role... For us, it's really about sustaining our company in everything we do.”

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, on advancing environmental sustainability in aviation:

“At United, we pride ourselves in pioneering the next generation of sustainable aviation and furthering our efforts to be the most environmentally conscious airline in the world. From being the first US carrier to commit to reducing our carbon footprint – 50 percent by 2050 – to representing more than half of the industry’s commitment to biofuel, our efforts to be the greenest airline in the industry is about the future of both our business and our skies.”

Catherine Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte US, on smart cities and businesses partnering together: 

“There's a big sustainability positive that can come out of smart cities that are being built today… Every company is impacted in some way. Companies have figured out that no one company can do it alone, you must partner with other companies, because everyone is in this together.”

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