Business Leaders Applaud Administration’s AI Initiative

February 11, 2019

Washington – Business Roundtable today applauded the Administration’s executive order establishing the “American Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative” -- renewing this nation’s commitment to research and development of strategic technologies, a foundational building block for American innovation.

"AI has the potential to impact virtually every corner of the U.S. economy, from medical diagnostics to fraud detection and increased energy efficiency,” said Joshua Bolten, President & CEO of Business Roundtable. “Proactive investments in AI today will be the key to securing U.S. leadership in technology tomorrow. Strengthening investments in the U.S. workforce will ensure that our country is prepared for an economy that will be transformed by new technologies. Business Roundtable looks forward to working with the Administration on AI investments and will continue to work with policymakers to create an environment that fosters innovation, spurs job growth and increases the U.S. standard of living.”

Earlier this year, Business Roundtable released “Innovation Nation: An American Innovation Agenda for 2020,” a set of policy recommendations to secure U.S. leadership in innovation. In the coming weeks, Business Roundtable will release further recommendations on AI and other topics in strategic and underlying technologies designed to best prepare American workers for a rapidly-changing economy.