Business Roundtable Announces Major Campaign Supporting Tax Reform

July 28, 2017

Washington – Following the tax reform statement by the “Big Six,” Business Roundtable today announced an integrated and comprehensive advocacy campaign over the upcoming August Congressional recess that will stress the urgent need for action to reform the broken U.S. tax system. 

Beginning Friday, August 4, the multimillion-dollar effort will include national cable television advertising calling for immediate action and highlighting why tax reform matters to American workers and businesses of all sizes. The campaign will also feature radio advertisements on 250 radio stations across the country, personalized to key legislators. 

In addition to paid media, America’s leading employers are ramping up their public engagement. Business Roundtable CEOs, who collectively employee nearly 15 million people and generate more than $400 billion in revenues for small and medium-sized businesses, will make the case for tax reform by showcasing local business voices in communities and local economies across the country. Business leaders will engage their employees, managers, suppliers and customers over the August recess through events, outreach to lawmakers and local and regional media. These efforts will demonstrate just how important tax reform is to the local businesses and workers powering America's economic engine. 

"With yesterday’s announcement of shared tax reform principles by the ‘Big Six,’ Congress and the Administration are generating powerful momentum for action on this critical economic priority,” said Joshua Bolten, President & CEO of Business Roundtable.
“The Business Roundtable campaign will accelerate that momentum through the August recess. Members of Congress will hear from business leaders – and more importantly, their constituents – that tax reform is the single best way to increase investment in U.S. communities, create good jobs and promote a stronger economy. The time for real reform is now.”

In an April survey of Business Roundtable members, 71 percent of CEOs who responded said tax reform is the best way to increase economic growth over the next year. Eighty-two percent of CEOs said that reform would prompt companies to increase capital spending, and 76 percent reported it would enable increased hiring.

Inaction on tax reform, by contrast, would have a serious negative effect on the economy. Ninety percent of surveyed CEOs said delaying reform would cause slower economic growth, reduced hiring and lower capital investment.