Technology Business Roundtable Applauds Administration Action to Promote More Robust Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing

Apr 10, 2014

Washington –Business Roundtable, representing CEOs of leading U.S. companies from every sector of the economy, today commended the White House, Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for releasing a joint DOJ-FTC policy statement clarifying that antitrust concerns do not arise when competitors share legitimate cybersecurity information. Business Roundtable has long called for this type of clarification as it relates to information sharing.

“This action addresses a key concern for Business Roundtable and its member companies in a meaningful way, and demonstrates a very productive public-private sector consultation,” said Ajay Banga, President and CEO of MasterCard and Chair of the Roundtable’s Information and Technology Committee. “We look forward to reviewing the policy statement because clarity from enforcement agencies as to what they consider legitimate cybersecurity information sharing within the private sector will be helpful to companies.”

Banga also emphasized that there is still work to be done to improve our nation’s cybersecurity response capabilities through legislation that would implement clear liability protections for the practice of cybersecurity.

“Addressing this antitrust issue is a helpful step in encouraging effective, robust cybersecurity information sharing, a key component of the practice of cybersecurity,” Banga added. “We look forward to continuing our work with the Administration and Congress to implement this policy statement and to enact meaningful legislation to deal with all liability issues necessary to facilitate cybersecurity coordination and innovation that only Congress can address.”

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