Business Roundtable Applauds Bipartisan Debt Ceiling Deal, Urges Congress to Move Swiftly on Legislation

May 28, 2023

Washington - Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten today released the following statement after President Biden and Speaker McCarthy reached an agreement on legislation to raise the debt ceiling:

“Business Roundtable strongly supports the agreement between the Administration and Congress to prevent a devastating default. We commend President Biden and Speaker McCarthy for reaching a bipartisan solution on raising the debt ceiling and call on the House and Senate to pass this bill as soon as possible.
“In addition to raising the debt ceiling, this agreement takes steps toward putting the U.S. on a more sustainable fiscal trajectory. This deal also makes a down payment on permitting reform, helping to clear the path for new energy infrastructure projects.
“With the U.S. at risk of defaulting in less than 10 days, there is no time to spare. We urge Members of Congress to give the legislation their strong support.”