Business Roundtable Applauds DHS Plans for Improved Public-Private Cybersecurity Information Sharing

August 2nd, 2018

Business Roundtable released the following statement from Julie Sweet, North American CEO of Accenture and Chair of the Business Roundtable Technology Committee, regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent commitment to improve public-private cybersecurity information sharing:

The planned improvements to the Automated Information Sharing (AIS) program announced by DHS are an important step forward. Cybersecurity information sharing by government and industry is an essential, ongoing, collaborative process. It enables organizations, public and private, to continue to strengthen their cyber defenses by making better decisions gained from the collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities of both government and industry.  
“Business Roundtable commends DHS for their commitment to work with our member companies on an updated AIS platform with upgraded capabilities, which is a necessary step for our critical infrastructure providers and for our economy. These improvements will bolster security and resilience against cyber threats by strengthening our public-private partnership