Business Roundtable Applauds House Judiciary Action to Protect Dreamers

May 22nd, 2019

Washington – Business Roundtable today released the following statement from Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Chair of the Business Roundtable Immigration Committee, applauding the House Judiciary Committee’s efforts to protect Dreamers:

“Business Roundtable applauds the House Judiciary Committee for passing legislation that would create conditional permanent resident status for Dreamers. These individuals have made profound contributions to America’s communities and they deserve a practical, permanent solution that doesn’t leave them in a perpetual state of uncertainty. We urge swift action on the House floor and call on lawmakers to vote in support of it.
“Embracing a practical solution to address Dreamers is only the start of modernizing our immigration system. We encourage Democrats and Republicans to work together on comprehensive immigration legislation that increases the number of skills-based immigrants, improves access to temporary workers with skills needed in the marketplace and implements cutting-edge technology to improve border security.”