Business Roundtable CEOs: Paid Time Off and Flexibility for Voting Are Best Practices

July 21, 2020

Washington The strength of our democracy depends on the integrity and fairness of our nation’s elections. With the 2020 election season underway, Business Roundtable welcomes efforts by governors to address barriers to voting, including new challenges raised by the pandemic. Business Roundtable members are committed to doing their part, and today Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors and Chair of the Business Roundtable Education & Workforce Committee and Chair of the Racial Equity and Justice, Subcommittee on Education and Workforce, issued the following statement on behalf of the Roundtable in support of paid time off and flexibility for voting:

“Voting is a democratic principle that equally values the voice of every citizen. For so many Americans, voting was a hard-fought right. All Americans who qualify should be able to exercise this right free from unnecessary hurdles. 
“Elections in the United States fall on workdays for millions of Americans, making it difficult for some to participate in a civic process that is core to our democracy. As business leaders and employers of, collectively, over 15 million people, we believe no American – including our employees – should have to choose between keeping their job and casting their vote. 
“Many Business Roundtable member companies already provide paid time off – either a full or partial day – to employees for voting. Business Roundtable CEOs agree on the fundamental principle of supporting our employees in exercising their right to vote, by allowing flexibility and paid time off to vote that fits with their employment. In addition, companies should consider supporting employees by providing information on voter registration and alternatives such as voting by mail or early voting. We consider these best practices, which we encourage more companies to adopt.”