Tax and Fiscal Policy Business Roundtable Encourages Multilateral Resolution of Digital Tax Issues

Jun 26, 2020

Washington – Business Roundtable today issued the following statement on international digital tax negotiations:

“Business Roundtable has long supported a multilateral solution to tax issues arising from the digitalization of the economy. We commend the important work undertaken by the United States and its partners in the OECD and the Inclusive Framework toward international tax rules that reduce uncertainty and promote cross-border investment and jobs.
“Countries should set aside digital services taxes and related trade countermeasures and when practicable resume work on durable, principles-based tax rules for the digitalizing economy. In times of both prosperity and downturn, international tax rules should prevent double taxation, ease compliance burdens, promote consistent interpretation, and facilitate effective dispute prevention and resolution.
“As governments are focused on the health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Business Roundtable remains committed to helping forge a multilateral consensus, providing constructive input and encouraging compromise solutions that bring greater certainty to the global economy.”

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