Technology Business Roundtable Launches Information and Technology Initiative

Nov 9, 2010

Washington - Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies, today announced the creation of the Information and Technology Initiative, which will address evolving information technology policy challenges facing America and foster innovative solutions that promote long-term economic sustainability.

“As a nation, we have boundless potential to develop new technologies that will change the way our world and our economy operate,” said Ajay Banga, President and CEO of MasterCard Incorporated and Chair of the new initiative. “To unlock that potential and, importantly, safeguard our future, we must carefully construct and thoughtfully implement the right policies.”

This new initiative comprises more than 25 CEOs of leading U.S. companies dedicated to solving our nation’s most pressing information and technology issues, in particular:

  • The Internet: Developing U.S. policies that promote a resilient and secure global Internet;

  • Global IT Policies: Promoting IT and regulatory policies beneficial to the United States through multi-lateral coordination;

  • Cyber Security: Eliminating cyber threats that target critical U.S. corporate assets and data, thus threatening the world trading system;

  • Hybrid Infrastructure: Supporting aggressive deployment of an integrated physical and digital infrastructure;

  • New IT Solutions and R&D: Sustaining national investment in high-risk IT research and development; and

  • Social Development: Identifying ways to deploy information and technology to benefit social development.

“Effective deployment of technology is critical to America’s sustained economic growth,” said Larry Burton, Executive Director of Business Roundtable. “Right now, we must bring together the leaders of industry and government to define new business models that will ensure we continue to benefit from the tremendous power of technology in business, national security, research and our daily lives.”

Business Roundtable’s other initiatives include Consumer Health and Retirement; Corporate Leadership; Education, Innovation and Workforce; Fiscal Policy; International Engagement; and Sustainable Growth. Additional information about the Information and Technology Initiative can be found at

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