Business Roundtable Launches Mental Health Initiative

CEO-Led Effort to Promote and Support Employee Mental Health, Address Common Challenges

May 1, 2024

Washington – Business Roundtable today launched a new initiative to help companies promote and support employee mental health. The Business Roundtable Mental Health Initiative will engage companies, outside experts and non-profit groups to discuss common challenges, identify best practices and develop innovative approaches for promoting supportive workplaces. The initiative will provide Business Roundtable member companies with resources, training and other tools to complement their existing workplace mental health efforts.

“More than three-quarters of American workers report experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health condition. Beyond the profound personal impact, mental health challenges have far-reaching consequences on business that impact the whole economy,” said David Cordani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Cigna Group. “Lost productivity due to mental health alone costs the U.S. economy an estimated $48 billion a year. Business Roundtable members believe we have a pivotal role to play in addressing this challenge head-on.”

Business Roundtable member companies offer a range of mental health resources and services as part of their medical and employee benefits packages. However, employers face many common challenges, including low rates of employee awareness and uptake of existing mental health benefits. The persistent perceived stigma around mental health issues also prevents employees from seeking treatment.

“Mental health is health. Business Roundtable members are committed to continuing dialogue on this incredibly important issue that touches so many people in so many ways,” said Business Roundtable Chair Chuck Robbins, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Cisco. “While companies have taken big steps in progressing the mental health narrative, we are all dedicated to doing more and creating environments where people are encouraged to talk openly, extend compassion, and listen without judgment.”

Through the new initiative, Business Roundtable member companies will have access to:

  • Curated resources to help build or expand their mental health programs.
  • Forums with peers and industry experts that address common challenges and highlight innovative best practices.
  • Tools to increase benefit uptake and dismantle stigma among workers.
  • Training programs for managers and other corporate leaders.

“Employee mental health is a C-Suite priority. Across industries, companies are taking steps to further integrate mental health support into their employee benefits and broader corporate culture,” said Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten. “The initiative we are standing up today will complement this important work and help to promote a healthy and productive workforce.”

In May 2023, Business Roundtable released a suite of mental health policy recommendations.

To learn more about the Business Roundtable Mental Health Initiative and all of the Roundtable’s Corporate Initiatives, click here.


  • More than one in five U.S. adults and youths live with a mental illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • 76% of U.S. workers in 2021 reported experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health condition (burnout, depression, anxiety).
  • 86% of employers in a recent survey said that mental health, stress and burnout are top priorities.
  • Business leaders cited in a 2023 survey the following negative impacts due to mental health issues: decreased revenue (40%) and profitability (39%); loss of customers (30%); diminished output (26%); and reduced competitiveness (20%).
  • Missed work due to poor mental health was estimated in a 2022 analysis to cost the U.S. economy $47.6 billion annually in lost productivity.
  • 88% of HR professionals believe offering mental health resources can increase productivity, while 78% say they can boost organizational return on investment.