Trade Business Roundtable Letter Urging Senate to Pass USMCA

Jan 15, 2020

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the CEO members of Business Roundtable, I urge you to vote in favor of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act. Over 12 million American jobs depend on the $1.4 trillion in trade with Canada and Mexico. Passing USMCA will modernize a 25-year old agreement with our neighbors and preserve and strengthen the North American economy.

USMCA includes many gold-standard provisions, further opens markets and sets standards that will benefit workers, businesses and farmers across broad industry sectors. USMCA, once in effect, will promote the digital economy and trade, remove key barriers to goods and services trade, promote the free flow of data for all sectors, enhance trade facilitation and e-commerce and support small businesses by cutting red tape. 

No trade agreement is perfect, and we do not support every individual provision in USMCA. Future agreements should include stronger intellectual property protections for life-saving innovations and technologies. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that USMCA, in its totality, will support U.S. economic growth, jobs and innovation.

Business Roundtable appreciates the bipartisan efforts in Congress to ensure that all USMCA commitments will be fully enforceable, and we will work with Congress and the Administration through USMCA implementation to boost North American competitiveness.  

Passing USMCA with broad bipartisan support will also deepen support for trade policies that help Americans compete at home and abroad. We urge you to vote Yes on USMCA.


Joshua Bolten

President & CEO

Business Roundtable

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