Business Roundtable Releases BRT TV Season One, Episode Four: Climate

January 24, 2022

Washington - Business Roundtable today released a new episode of BRT TV, a series featuring the perspectives of America’s leading CEOs on critical issues facing the country. In the new episode, Business Roundtable members describe the efforts of America’s job creators to address climate change and call for policies to support the rapid development and deployment of cleaner technologies.

Season One, Episode Four: Climate is available at and includes interviews with: Lynn J. Good, Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy Corporation and Chair, Business Roundtable Smart Regulation Committee; George R. Oliver, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Controls and Chair, Business Roundtable Energy and Environment Committee; and Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc.

Upon release of the episode, Business Roundtable Chair Mary Barra, Chair and CEO of General Motors said:

"Many businesses are doing their part and taking action to address climate change, but, we know we can’t do it alone. Together with smart policies, businesses and government can drive innovation and continue to lead the way around the world.”

Excerpts from the episode are below.

On the importance of U.S. leadership:

“We need all of us. We need business. We need government. We need consumers. We need all of us in. It's a massive change to our economy. It's the existential crisis of our time. We all got to be in,” said Linebarger.

On the need for sound public policy:

“It isn't for lack of business commitment at this stage to be able to solve the problem. Business Roundtable has supported the goals of the Paris Agreement. What we need is to be aligned with the public sector to make sure that we've got the proper policies in place that will enable us to do what we do so well. Because it's going to be through our innovation and reinvestment that's going to be critical to ultimately achieving what we're all setting out to achieve,” said Oliver.

On securing a cleaner future:

“I'm very optimistic about what we can accomplish over the next 10, 20 and 30 years. And if we do this right—clear targets, clear timelines, diverse set of technology, using the next decade to invest in the basic science and research and development that we need—I believe we'll have a thriving economy that is powered by clean technology that allows us to be a world leader,” said Good.