Business Roundtable Releases Cybersecurity Playbook to Help Employers Build Talent Pools, Expand Employment Opportunities for U.S. Workers

April 18, 2024

Washington - Business Roundtable today released a new “playbook” to help employers create entry points to cybersecurity careers and strengthen cybersecurity talent pipelines across various industries and sectors. The playbook includes practical information employers can use to create more clear entry points to cybersecurity for a range of individuals, including those who are in high school, studying at community college, pursuing a four-year degree, transitioning from U.S. military service or seeking a new role as a mid-career professional.

“Business Roundtable CEOs are committed to an ever-ready workforce that fosters continued learning, adaptability and new ways to meet evolving work and economic realities,” said Andrew J. McMahon, Chief Executive Officer and President, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. “By assessing our hiring practices and creating more on-ramps to careers, we can grow the cybersecurity talent pipeline to strengthen business operations and expand opportunities for more individuals to access well-paying, in-demand jobs today and in the future.” 

“As the cyber threat landscape becomes more distributed with billions of users and devices connecting to networks around the world, it is essential we strengthen the cybersecurity talent pipeline and address the digital skills shortage," said Business Roundtable Chair Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO, Cisco. "The work by Business Roundtable and its member companies to advance training and workforce development is bolstering economic resilience, empowering people with new opportunities and diversifying the talent pools that will protect our digital infrastructure for generations.” 

The nation’s cybersecurity talent shortage presents a risk to national security and economic competitiveness. As of April 2024, there are nearly 500,000 open cybersecurity roles in the United States, and it takes, on average, 20% longer for an employer to fill a cybersecurity role than other technology positions. 

The Business Roundtable Cybersecurity Playbook's recommendations for business leaders include: 

A Skills-Based Cybersecurity Talent Strategy

  • Evaluate credentials and certification requirements across positions 
  • Develop a skills taxonomy and clear career pathways for cybersecurity professionals

Partnerships Across Sectors to Equip and Recruit Cybersecurity Talent

  • Partnerships with education institutions that serve a range of learners
  • Partnerships that provide experiential and work-based learning opportunities
  • Partnerships that leverage the experience of U.S. military veterans and spouses

On-Ramps to Cybersecurity Careers for Existing Employees

  • Leverage technology and other adjacent roles as a gateway to cybersecurity        
  • Use learning and development activities to upskill and retain cybersecurity professionals
  • Expose a wide range of employees across the enterprise to cybersecurity jobs

This playbook was developed based on employer input and is a product of the Business Roundtable Cybersecurity Workforce Corporate Initiative launched in December 2022. Learn more about Business Roundtable Corporate Initiatives here