Trade Business Roundtable Releases New Video Urging Policymakers to Modernize NAFTA

Washington – As the seventh round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations continue in Mexico City, Business Roundtable releases a new video featuring CEOs urging policymakers to update and modernize NAFTA.

Business Roundtable Releases New Video Urging Policymakers to Modernize NAFTA

Mark Costa, Chairman & CEO, Eastman: "The top priority for policymakers should be maintaining and strengthening NAFTA so American businesses can continue to reap the benefits of trade with our two largest trading partners: Canada and Mexico.”
Lisa Davis, Chair & CEO, Siemens Corporation: “It’s important that we modernize NAFTA by preserving the good parts and bringing it into the 21st century to catch up to our digital world.”
Evan Greenberg, Chairman and CEO, Chubb: “My advice to policymakers: do no harm. Update NAFTA. Ninety-five percent of the world exists beyond our borders.”
Hubert Joly, Chairman & CEO, Best Buy Co., Inc.: “If we lead by ensuring there is free trade, but also fair trade, we can be a force for good.”
Rich Lesser, President & CEO, Boston Consulting Group: “When America helps shape trade agreements, you get to better agreements for the U.S., but you also get to better agreements for everyone else.”
Andrew Liveris, Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company: “My advice to the policy negotiators is that we should actually see the end goal in mind, which is the pie gets bigger if we’re inclusive rather than exclusive.”

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