Business Roundtable Sends Administration, Governors Considerations for Consistent Workplace and Public Safety Guidelines

CEOs to Continue Issuing Recommendations on Key Recovery Issues

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April 24, 2020

In letters today to Vice President Pence and all 50 governors, Business Roundtable shared initial recommendations for reopening the economy when governors and their public health officials decide it is safe to do so. Business Roundtable emphasized the need for coordination among federal, state and local policymakers to develop a consistent set of worker and customer safety guidelines. Consistent guidelines across the country will ensure a common understanding of the measures being taken to keep workers and consumers safe as states develop plans for lifting restrictions. 

"As federal, state and local officials develop reopening strategies in coordination with public health leaders, consistent guidance will help ensure a safe and rapid recovery,” said Joshua Bolten, President & CEO of Business Roundtable. “Americans want to feel confident returning to work and being in public spaces, and employers who operate in multiple states and want to keep their employees and customers safe need the clarity that consistent guidelines provide.”

Business Roundtable provided specific examples of measures that can be taken in four work environments: offices, retail, manufacturing and construction to spur a safe and rapid recovery. Public health measures should be appropriate for businesses of all sizes, and Business Roundtable companies urge public health officials to continue to take into account the particular needs of small businesses to ensure they are primed for a rapid recovery.  

As states move to reopen, Business Roundtable noted that it will be important to ensure that essential services continue to function without disruption. The Roundtable also urged policymakers to prioritize efforts to ensure safe schools and summer activities for children, childcare services, public transportation and comprehensive health care services.

The recommendations released today are a part of ongoing Business Roundtable engagement with policymakers at all levels in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Business Roundtable looks forward to continued work with policymakers and public health experts to develop recommendations on a safe and rapid recovery, including additional recommendations related to testing, monitoring, addressing critical supply shortages and other challenges.

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