Business Roundtable Statement in Support of House Efforts to Modernize America’s Aviation Infrastructure

June 27, 2017

Washington – In advance of today’s House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee markup of the 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act, Jacqueline Hinman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CH2M and Chair of the Business Roundtable Infrastructure Committee, today issued the following statement in support of the legislation:

“America’s aviation infrastructure needs to be modernized — both the air traffic control system and many U.S. airports. The 21st Century AIRR Act introduced by Chairman Shuster would allow technology and facilities to be upgraded more quickly, improve overall efficiency, lower costs and get passengers to their destinations more quickly — all while maintaining and improving safety. Importantly, the bill also takes steps to ensure that all users of the national airspace continue to have fair access and see the benefits of these upgrades. Business Roundtable urges the members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to advance this bill.”

Business Roundtable CEOs believe infrastructure investment along with tax and regulatory reform are key policies that will produce real, sustainable growth for our country. Earlier this year, Business Roundtable released, “Back in Business: A Blueprint for Renewing America’s Infrastructure,” an action plan outlining guiding principles to advance the development of 21st century American infrastructure.