Business Roundtable Statement on Advancing U.S. Innovation and Competition Legislation

February 4, 2022

Washington – Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten today released the following statement on advancing bipartisan U.S. innovation and competition legislation following House passage of the America COMPETES Act:

“Business Roundtable strongly supports measures to enhance U.S. innovation leadership and global competitiveness, including with China. In particular, we endorse CHIPS funding to strengthen semiconductor R&D and supply chains, which would support jobs and manufacturing in the United States. Business Roundtable also supports bipartisan efforts to promote broader domestic R&D, supply chain resilience and a level playing field for American businesses, workers and farmers.
“We urge the House and Senate to turn to reconciling the significant differences between the America COMPETES Act and U.S. Innovation and Competition Act through a bipartisan process, building on the significant bipartisan work already done in the Senate. Business Roundtable urges policymakers to avoid excessive bureaucracy, regulatory overreach or trade disruptions that would undermine U.S. jobs and growth. Business Roundtable will continue to work with both parties in Congress and the Administration to ensure that final legislation achieves our shared objective of enhancing U.S. innovation leadership and competitiveness.”