Business Roundtable Statement on COVID-19 Relief Legislation

December 14, 2020

Washington - Business Roundtable this evening released the following statement: 

Business Roundtable and our members continue to support compromise and action on comprehensive COVID-19 relief legislation, including liability protection. We applaud Senators Portman, Manchin and others for the effort to find middle ground. Failure to pass liability protection would hinder economic recovery, especially for small businesses.
“If, however, Congress cannot reach a compromise on liability and state and local funding before the end of the year, we urge congressional leaders to agree on a substantial legislative package that includes relief for small business, families and individuals, and additional resources for public health, vaccine distribution and to help bridge the digital divide for struggling households. Nearly 100,000 small businesses have already closed permanently due to COVID-19. Those that remain and millions of families and individuals are struggling to stay afloat. We urge lawmakers to take urgent action to protect small businesses and the millions they employ.”