Business Roundtable Statement on Impeachment

January 13, 2021

Washington - Business Roundtable released the following statement on impeachment:

“The role of Business Roundtable is to advocate on behalf of its members for sound policy that promotes growth and economic opportunity for all Americans. All our efforts, however, depend on commitment to our country’s most fundamental democratic principles, including honoring the results of free and fair elections and the peaceful transition of power. We leave it to our elected leaders to judge the feasibility or wisdom of attempting to remove the President from office in the final days of his term, but we believe the President’s behavior – including encouraging an assault on the Capitol and attempting to overturn the results of a legitimate, democratic election – deserves the strongest possible condemnation. We call on all elected officials to do their utmost to counteract false claims of a fraudulent election and to promote a restoration of civility and decency in governance.”