Business Roundtable Statement on Infrastructure Legislation

July 24, 2018

Washington — Mike Burke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AECOM and Chair of the Business Roundtable Infrastructure Committee, today issued the following statement regarding a discussion draft of infrastructure legislation released by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA): 

“We thank Congressman Shuster for his leadership and vision on renewing America’s infrastructure. His discussion draft is a good and welcome step toward bipartisan consensus on modernizing our roads, bridges, airports and seaports, actions that will maximize long-term economic growth.
“With each passing day, fixing America’s broken infrastructure gets more difficult and more expensive to solve. That’s why proposals to shore up the Highway Trust Fund – scheduled to go bankrupt in 2020 – merit serious consideration. 
“We support efforts to encourage private sector investment in infrastructure projects and incent state and local government investment. Policymakers should also continue to streamline regulations and expedite permitting approval processes. 
“America’s economy depends on fixing our broken infrastructure. Inaction will only continue to harm American commuters, taxpayers and workers.”