Business Roundtable Statement on Infrastructure Policy Outlined in the State of the Union Address

January 30, 2018

Washington – Michael Burke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AECOM and Chair of the Business Roundtable Infrastructure Committee, issued the following statement this evening in response to President Trump’s mention of infrastructure policy in his State of the Union address:

“We’re encouraged President Trump is making infrastructure renewal a priority, as he highlighted in his State of the Union address. Now the Administration and Congress must act with urgency to fix America’s roads, bridges and other important arteries of American commerce. The cost of inaction is too high for all Americans who depend on reliable, modernized infrastructure. Policymakers can work to incentivize private investment and expedite permitting approval processes to accelerate infrastructure development. But, Congress must ultimately come up with a long-term solution to shore up federal trust funds that support highways, inland waterways and ports. America’s economy depends on it.”