Business Roundtable Statement on Introduction of Legislation to Improve Infrastructure Permitting

July 14, 2021

Washington - Business Roundtable Smart Regulation Committee Chair Doug Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer of S&P Global Inc., today issued the following statement after a bipartisan group of Senators introduced the Federal Permitting Reform and Jobs Act:

“Business Roundtable CEOs commend Senators Portman, Sinema, Manchin and Sullivan for sponsoring the Federal Permitting Reform and Jobs Act, and we strongly urge lawmakers to include it in the bipartisan infrastructure package currently being negotiated. We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration on a permitting system that is equal to the tasks before us.
“Rebuilding America’s infrastructure and accelerating the energy transition requires that we build on the bipartisan progress that has been made over the last decade. That includes removing the pending sunset on landmark legislation that established the federal Permitting Dashboard and the Permitting Council, two innovations that have created a more efficient permitting system. The Federal Permitting Reform and Jobs Act does that, while adding important permitting best practices that have consistently received strong bipartisan support. This permitting reform would help unleash the private sector investment necessary to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and fuel long-term prosperity.”