Business Roundtable Statement on NAFTA Negotiations

August 31, 2018

Washington — Business Roundtable today issued the following statement on the Administration’s pending notice to Congress regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA):  

“While the U.S., Canada and Mexico were not able to reach an understanding today, we hope they will do so soon. Business Roundtable urges all three governments to continue constructive negotiations leading to an enhanced North American trading relationship.
“Business Roundtable is encouraged that negotiations with Mexico have reportedly led to strengthened intellectual property protections and increased promotion of e-commerce and digital trade in goods and services. We remain concerned about reported provisions that would weaken investment protections, limit access to dispute settlement procedures, and require a sunset clause. Business Roundtable also believes that forfeiting this three-nation partnership would destabilize North American supply chains, jeopardize U.S. jobs and undermine economic growth.  
“Whether or not all three nations meet short-term deadlines should not affect the goal of delivering a modernized, trilateral NAFTA that expands trade and maximizes economic opportunities for U.S. workers and businesses.”