Business Roundtable Statement on President Trump’s Tax Proposals Outlined in Joint Session

February 28, 2017

Washington — Business Roundtable President and CEO Joshua Bolten today issued a statement in response to President Trump’s tax reform plan outlined in his address before a joint session of Congress:

“President Trump’s remarks tonight should help build momentum for the kind of big tax reform this country needs for economic growth and the creation of more high-wage jobs.
“President Trump is right to emphasize the importance of competitive tax rates on business so U.S. companies can win in the global marketplace. Reform must also include a modern international tax system that doesn’t penalize businesses for bringing their foreign earnings back to the United States to invest, expand and hire.
“America’s business leaders are committed to working through any policy differences in the interest of a robust economy. We trust Congress and the President share that same commitment.
“Pro-growth reform will support American workers by boosting their take-home pay and will expand U.S. business operations by generating major new investment. At the same time, tax reform should also be used to give a targeted boost to lower and middle-income working people through provisions such as the Earned Income Tax Credit."