Infrastructure Business Roundtable Statement on Senate Republican Framework on Infrastructure

Apr 22, 2021

Washington - Business Roundtable today issued the following statement in reaction to the Senate Republican framework on infrastructure:

“Business Roundtable welcomes the release of the Senate Republican framework as an important step toward bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure investment," said Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten. "We urge policymakers to continue negotiations and come together on a balanced and bipartisan approach that prioritizes physical infrastructure.”
“We are encouraged that today’s framework calls for permitting reforms and incorporates a user pays model to ensure that infrastructure users – including business – pay their share. User pays models are a proven way to ensure sustainable infrastructure investment versus significant tax increases on job creators that would weaken the economic recovery. 
“Business Roundtable has long advocated for increased investment in America’s transportation, water, energy and communications infrastructure, and we estimate that an investment of approximately $1 trillion above baseline over 10 years is necessary to return U.S. physical infrastructure to a state of good repair, expand capacity to meet expected demand, and invest in new green infrastructure.”

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