Business Roundtable Statement on the SAFE DATA Act

September 22nd, 2020

Washington - Ahead of tomorrow’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on “Revisiting the Need for Federal Data Privacy Legislation,” Business Roundtable issued the following statement on Senate introduction of the Setting an American Framework to Ensure Data Access, Transparency, and Accountability (SAFE DATA) Act.  

“This global health, economic and societal crisis has shifted many aspects of daily life from the physical world to the digital, providing further impetus for Congress to pass a national consumer data privacy law. That law should provide consumers with meaningful and consistent privacy protections across all 50 states while enabling continued innovation and growth in the digital economy,” said Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Accenture and Chair of the Business Roundtable Technology Committee. “We appreciate that the SAFE DATA Act includes several key elements that are aligned with the Business Roundtable Framework for Consumer Privacy Legislation to strengthen consumer trust, promote accountability, foster American innovation and harmonize regulations. While we continue to review other aspects of the bill, we thank Senators Wicker, Thune, Fischer and Blackburn for introducing legislation aimed at moving the discussion forward.”

The Business Roundtable framework was developed with input from companies across every sector of the economy, and includes recommendations on consumer rights to transparency, control and access and to correct and delete personal data. Last September, more than 50 Business Roundtable CEOs urged Congress to pass as soon as possible a comprehensive national data privacy law.

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