Business Roundtable Urges Congress and Administration to Enact Bipartisan Solutions to Prevent Gun Violence

Sep 12, 2019

Washington – Business Roundtable today issued the following statement urging policymakers to enact bipartisan solutions to prevent gun violence:

“Recent mass shootings across the country have been heartbreaking. After decades of these tragedies scarring American communities, these shootings can no longer be treated as isolated events. This issue matters to Business Roundtable members because those affected are our employees, customers and neighbors – gun violence is an epidemic in America that needs to be addressed. 

“Business Roundtable is calling on Congress – along with the Administration – to come together and enact bipartisan, commonsense legislation to address this epidemic. Business Roundtable supports practical and effective solutions that bolster public safety and protect the constitutional rights of gun owners.” 

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