Trade Business Roundtable Urges Senate and House Conference Committee to Seize Momentum, Agree to Bipartisan U.S. Innovation & Competitiveness Legislation

May 12, 2022

Washington - As Senate and House conferees prepare to formally begin a conference on U.S. innovation and competitiveness legislation, Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten today issued the following statement:

“At a time of rising geopolitical risk and increasing economic competition from abroad, Business Roundtable urges the Senate and House Conference Committee to swiftly reach agreement on bipartisan legislation that would boost U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and strengthen domestic research and development. Strong bipartisan innovation and competitiveness legislation that fully funds the CHIPS Act will enable the U.S. to better compete in the global economy and create jobs and growth at home.
“Business Roundtable urges Congress and the Administration to build on the significant bipartisan work done in the Senate. Policymakers should focus their efforts on core provisions that draw broad bipartisan support while avoiding counterproductive or partisan policies that would disrupt the U.S. economy and jobs, strain supply chains and risk passage of a bill.”

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