Business Roundtable Weighs in with FTC on Need for National Privacy Law with Strong Consumer Protections

May 31, 2019

Washington – In a comment letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Business Roundtable outlined its proposal for a comprehensive consumer privacy law, making the case for why America needs one national privacy standard. In addition to providing for consumer rights, the Roundtable recommended that federal privacy legislation be based on the FTC’s established risk-based framework and include strong protections for consumers.

“Enhancing and sustaining consumer trust is vital for continued innovation and economic competitiveness. To achieve this, all companies that collect, use, share, or otherwise handle personal data must do so responsibly and with respect for individuals,” the letter reads. “As business leaders, we take this responsibility seriously and call for a national consumer privacy law that strengthens protections for consumers and achieves greater transparency without shortchanging innovation and growth.”

The Business Roundtable letter outlines the objectives and components of a national privacy law as detailed in the organization’s Framework for National Consumer Privacy Legislation released in December 2018.

Developed with input from companies and business leaders across every key sector of the economy, the framework includes an important set of rights for individual consumers – the right to transparency, control, access and correct and delete their personal data. It also argues for an effective and consistent approach to enforcement that provides accountability and protects consumer rights.

To read the Business Roundtable framework, click here. For more on the need for a national consumer privacy law, click here.