Business Roundtable Welcomes Biden Administration’s Engagement on Climate Policy

January 28, 2021

Washington - Business Roundtable Energy and Environment Committee Chair George Oliver, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Controls, today issued the following statement on behalf of Business Roundtable:

“We believe corporations should lead by example, support sound public policies and drive the innovation needed to address climate change, which is why we have called for action to meet the Paris climate treaty goals. A comprehensive, coordinated and market-based approach to reduce emissions, together with U.S. technology and innovation must lead the way in reducing greenhouse gases from fossil fuel-based energy while also ensuring that a diverse spectrum of clean fuels and energy sources is available to meet global growth. President Biden’s efforts to stand up a National Climate Task Force and streamline permitting processes are important steps to support the energy transition to a lower carbon future, and we welcome his Administration’s engagement on these issues.”