Business Roundtable Welcomes Continued Discussion on Permitting Reform

July 26, 2023

Washington – Business Roundtable today applauded the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for holding a hearing to “Examine Opportunities for Congress to Reform the Process for Permitting Electric Transmission Lines, Pipelines, and Energy Production on Federal Lands.”  

In a statement submitted for the record, Business Roundtable Vice President for Smart Regulation, Corey Astill, and Vice President for Infrastructure, Energy & Environment, Matt Sonnesyn, welcomed the continued discussion on permitting and applauded policymakers for their work in enacting meaningful bipartisan reforms to the permitting process as part of the Fiscal Responsibility Act.  

“Business Roundtable strongly supported the meaningful bipartisan reforms to the permitting process included in the Fiscal Responsibility Act, including: 

  • Requiring lead or joint lead agencies to supervise environmental reviews; 
  • Requiring single, page-limited environmental review documents; 
  • Establishing time limits on the environmental review process; and 
  • Expanding the use of categorical exclusions.” 

Astill and Sonnesyn outlined Business Roundtable’s permitting recommendations to address the remaining barriers to unleashing American energy.  

“To achieve the goals of recent legislation, Congress and the Administration should continue to improve the federal permitting process, particularly for energy projects. Permitting reform can address escalating costs, critical minerals supply chain vulnerabilities, transmission constraints and other barriers to American energy success.” 

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