Business Roundtable Welcomes Introduction of SAFE DATA Act, Calls for Congressional Action on Federal Privacy Legislation

July 29, 2021

Washington – Following introduction of the Setting an American Framework to Ensure Data Access, Transparency, and Accountability (SAFE DATA) Act by Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Roger Wicker, Business Roundtable Technology Committee Chair and CEO of Accenture Julie Sweet released this statement:

“Business Roundtable members welcome the reintroduction of the SAFE DATA Act as a step forward in protecting American consumers’ data privacy. As the leaders of America’s largest companies across every sector, we urge lawmakers to recommit to passing bipartisan federal data privacy legislation that provides consumers with strong rights and protections and supports U.S. global innovation leadership and long-term economic growth. The growing matrix of conflicting state laws and regulations across the country signals that we urgently need a national privacy law that gives consumers confidence that they have rights—and that those rights will be enforced.”  

 Business Roundtable members believe protecting consumer data privacy is critical to meeting the needs of consumers and boosting U.S. technology and innovation leadership to strengthen our economy long term. Business Roundtable has released a Framework for Consumer Privacy Legislation, which includes a set of consumer rights – the rights to transparency, control and access and to correct and delete their personal data. 

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