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Host an Event or Company Visit


·      A facility tour led by senior leadership and/or a local manager.

·      Supplier/vendor roundtable on the importance of infrastructure investments for small- and medium-sized businesses and your local community.

·      Employee town halls, hosted by a company representative, at local community venues or virtually.

Contact Business Roundtable

BRT will help facilitate video and event production and assist your communications team to amplify the event. Please contact Molly Connor at mconnor@brt.org to share your event information.

Amplify Event

Take steps to encourage coverage and raise awareness both before and after the event.

·      Share news coverage, photos and clips with BRT for national amplification and to be used as evergreen content.

·      BRT will share the event video on YouTube and promote across digital platforms.


Inviting Members of Congress to tour a facility and/or active project is an excellent way to showcase your company, build relationships and elevate key policy priorities. Facility tours can demonstrate how investment in physical infrastructure would enable your business to operate more smoothly and efficiently, in turn generating more goods, services and jobs for the American people.

Below is a high-level how-to guide to help you plan and execute a facility and/or project tour.

·   Identify a Member(s) of Congress who would be appropriate to tour your local facility and/or active project. Check the “Target List” for suggested Members to consider. Choose a location, attendees and several date options for scheduling.

·   Decide on the type of event and/or components. Consider components like: CEO opening remarks, a tour led by you and your local manager, roundtable discussion with key employees and/or suppliers, and/or press conference.

·   Invite a Member(s) of Congress to tour a facility and/or active project in his/her district or state during a congressional recess. See congressional calendar here.

Example: Manufacturing facility; construction project; airport renovation 

·   Contact Business Roundtable to let us know when you’ve scheduled a facility tour/local event. We stand ready to assist with key talking points, logistics and event amplification via our digital platforms.

·   Plan the tour by identifying key optics/examples that showcase American ingenuity and materials in use; plan the tour route around said optics/examples, ensuring your company’s logo/branding is visible in the “shot.” Designate a tour guide/leader (i.e., facility manager or project lead alongside you.) Have the Member(s) of Congress observe machinery in operation and interact with your employees along the route. Ensure all necessary safety equipment is readily available.

Example: The journey from trucks unloading raw materials to the end point of raw materials/raw materials in use; cargo ship or plane transporting company products

·   Work with the Member’s or Members’ team on press access and strategy. If open press, issue a media advisory inviting credentialed press to RSVP for parts (i.e., stage press at 2-3 stops along the tour route, allow a “spray” for the first 2 minutes of a roundtable) or all of the tour; if closed press is preferred, include an official/staff photographer on the tour and during other elements of the visit. Procure necessary A/V equipment, such as a mult box, staging and lighting; livestream the tour, press conference and town hall, if applicable.

Note: If hosting congressional leadership, account for and coordinate with his/her security detail throughout the entire process.

·   Follow up after the tour with a personal thank you note from you to the Member(s) of Congress. Distribute photos and details in a post-tour press release or blog and across social media platforms, with approval from the Member’s or Members’ press team.

Hosting a facility and/or project tour requires a great level of detail and logistics coordination. Should doing so be of interest, Business Roundtable stands ready to assist your team.