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Support Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Online

Engagement on digital media platforms is an important way to amplify the importance of legislative action. Your company’s platforms can be used to educate employees, local constituents, political influencers and lawmakers about the benefits of bipartisan infrastructure investment. Business Roundtable encourages you to publish social media posts on the importance of infrastructure to the economy, job creation, your company and your industry sector.

How do I get started?

Business Roundtable has curated a set of tweets and graphics to accompany your posts available [here]. We encourage you to personalize these posts and follow @BizRoundtable for additional content to share.


·      Keep It Simple and Communicate with Visuals

Adding imagery to your social media posts helps increase engagement. The key is to make the visual something that adds value to the message. Video has become one of the most successful ways to increase engagement with your message online. The key to an engaging video is to keep it compelling and appropriately timed for the right social media platform.

·      Link Back to More Information

Provide access to more information. Link to a webpage where the viewer can go to learn more about the issue. Business Roundtable has many educational platforms online to which you can link.

·      Follow the Conversation

Use key hashtags, Twitter accounts and other social media tools to listen to the existing conversation online around America’s infrastructure.

  • #infrastructure
  • #infrastructurebill
  • #buildingourfuture
  • #buildingourinfrastructure
  • #InfrastructureReform