EY CEO Mark Weinberger Talks Workforce Development at Axios360 Event

August 7, 2018

This week’s #WorkforceWednesday features Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO of EY and Chair of the Business Roundtable Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, who was a featured guest last week at an Axios360 event on workforce development.

There, Weinberger discussed how business leaders are focused on the importance of aligning education, training and workforce readiness efforts to meet current and future needs of U.S. employers and our nation’s economy.

On Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Global Economy:


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“I think we’ve never seen a more exciting time in the global economy…. It’s a great time to learn new things and be able to expand your thinking and get involved in the marketplace, but it is more competitive. I mean, think about this: 90 percent of people alive today under the age of 30 live in an emerging market. Those people are entering in the global workforce that didn’t exist before and competing with jobs in developed markets. So I think you’ve got to have a more global view. You’ve got to think about where the jobs are coming from, what are the signals that are going to change the work world for the future, and get on board.”

On Partnering with Education Leaders to Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future:


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“We’re so taught in school about how important your individual test scores are and how smart you are. No. In the real world today, you are not doing anything alone. It’s how well you serve on a team — how you empower others, and how you work with people, and how you can adapt to your clients’ needs. That’s a big issue.
“There’s not been as much disruption in the education system as there has been in the work world. No doubt about it… business has a responsibility here to work with universities. And we’re doing more of that to help let them know what skills we need and help them co-develop curriculum so we will develop workers that meet our needs.”

During the event, Weinberger also discussed other key issues including tax reform and companies moving away from providing quarterly earnings per share (EPS) guidance.

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