Fueling Shared Success

As we look forward to marking the 37th annual observance of Earth Day tomorrow, Business Roundtable is pleased to share the final in our series of five stories highlighting our member companies’ sustainability efforts in action. They are all part of our 10th annual sustainability report, Create, Grow, Sustain: Delivering Shared Success.

Under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ryan M. Lance, ConocoPhillips’s 13,300 employees are powering today’s economy and laying the groundwork for shared success that will endure for generations to come. Fostering a culture that values environmental and social responsibility is at the core of the company’s efforts to ensure a sustainable future.

This includes taking proactive measures to manage the leading energy producer’s carbon footprint through constructive engagement with policymakers, communities and investors that yields measurable results.

“Across our global activities, we continue to actively engage with stakeholders to develop workable solutions for a range of local and broader societal issues,” said Lance. “We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish as we strive to develop resources responsibly and create lasting value for communities.”

Since 2009, ConocoPhillips has cut global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the equivalent of 6.8 million tons of CO2, even as it produced more energy.

This effort has kept the company’s absolute emissions nearly flat. These efforts, which include operational improvements and emission reduction initiatives in the San Juan Basin in the United States, position the company to thrive in a competitive industry increasingly challenged to reduce emissions.

ConocoPhillips is also delivering shared success through partnerships that promote conservation and species protection. The company is working closely with the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution to broaden the understanding of the migratory patterns of bird species. The collaboration, which aims to improve the coordination and effectiveness of conservation efforts, uses advanced tracking technologies to chart the journeys of 12 migratory bird species, several of which spend parts of their migration cycles within the company’s areas of operation in Alaska, Alberta and Texas.

At ConocoPhillips, developing resources in a responsible way and engaging in innovative conservation partnerships is a recipe for shared success that creates lasting value for consumers, shareholders and communities.

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